The Horned Shepherd -  Edgar Jepson, Illustrations by Wilfred Jones

The Horned Shepherd - Edgar Jepson, Illustrations by Wilfred Jones

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Wander the magical world of the Valley of Fine Fleeces with a fascinating cast of characters. Meet Big Anna, keeper of both the pagan flame and Cross; a Princess aflame for a strange lover; an Egyptian Priest, steward of mysteries; Friar Paul, lean and sinister; and Saccabe the Black Goat, Father of Many Flocks. Above all you will encounter the mysterious Shepherd of supernatural radiance, among whose curls nestle two small soft horns. Events converge in the forest on Midsummer Eve at full moon as celebrants arrive with meat, bread and wine for the Feast. The Wise Ones recognize the Horned Shepherd as an ancient fertility god who should be sacrificed to enrich the land.

The first issue of The Horned Shepherd, a novella, had a print run of only one hundred copies. The book was reissued in 1927 with the superb Wilfred Jones woodcuts, a perfect match of text and illustration. The new Witches' Almanac version of The Horned Shepherd, available after decades, offers readers who enjoy the supernatural a chance to catch up with this Jepson classic.

Beautiful woodcuts by Wilfred Jones enhance the 152-page book.

Edgar Jepson was a prolific English writer whose career spanned from the eighteen-nineties to the nineteen-thirties. He achieved fame principally for his entertaining mainstream detective and adventure stories, although he also wrote two fantasies, The Horned Shepherd (1904) and The Garden at 19 (1910). Jepson’s son Selwyn also wrote mystery novels, and granddaughter Fay Weldon is a novelist and playwright