Event Space Booking Policy


Event Space Booking Policy

  • Booking the event space at Pickeyweedz does not constitute or imply a lease/sublet in any way shape or form.  We do not ‘rent’ rooms, rather we charge a fee for the use of our available room for the purposes of divination, healing, consultations, etc.
  • Booking the event space at Pickeyweedz does not constitute employment from Pickeyweedz
  • You may not advertise that you ‘work at Pickeyweedz’ or any other similar statement that would give a reasonable person the impression that you are an employee or representative of Pickeyweedz. You may advertise that you are e.g., “Doing readings at Pickeyweedz” etc., and list the times you have booked.


Employees of Pickeyweedz are by definition on our payroll and are W2-listed team members.

o   Making a false claim that you are a Pickeyweedz team member when you are not will result in prompt legal action against you.

o   Pickeyweedz team members may also book the event space outside of their scheduled working hours but are held to the same standards as listed in this policy document.

o   Pickeyweedz owners reserve the right to use the event space during any non-booked time at their discretion.

  • When you book the event space, you must pay the entire booking fee upfront at the Pickeyweedz register.  The fee is subject to change based on the needs of the store. If you are booking the room for more than one day in advance, you must pay the entire fee for all the intended days upfront.
  • Event space booking fees start at $25 per day.  The day here means one hour after opening to one hour before store closure - bookings are available from 1 PM EST to 7 PM EST.  There is no discount for booking multiple days. There is no discount for bookings that take less than the full day. E.G. You don't get a reduced rate if you only need the space for an hour etc.  Store hours are 12 PM - 8 PM, Wednesday through Sunday each week.  The store is normally closed for all operations on Monday & Tuesday of each week.
  • Pickeyweedz is generally open 5 days a week, but this is subject to change based on both the needs of the store as well as weather or other conditions. 
  • It is YOUR responsibility to conclude your sessions in the booked space in a TIMELY MANNER.  A timely manner means you do not take clients that might extend the time in the booked space to the point you interfere with store operations including and especially the closing time of the store. You are made well aware that the booking time is from 1 PM EST - to 7 PM EST which provides one hour prior to the closure of the store. Anyone not out of the room after 7 PM EST will receive a one-time warning regarding violation of this policy.  A second occurrence of remaining in the room after 7 PM EST will result in the denial of all future booking requests. The reason for this policy, is often times the room is booked for the next day and must be cleaned and prepped. And well, we like to go home on time as generally we have already been at the store twelve hours.
  • The old policy of waiving the booking fee for donations-based or free services is no longer in effect as of November 1st, 2023.  Going forward ALL bookings will be required to pay $25 for the booking fee IN ADVANCE of ANY event or activity.  The only exception would be for donations going to a charity approved as acceptable by the Pickeyweedz team e.g. The Clarks Summit food pantry, Queer NEPA etc. 
  • Individuals & Organizations that have violated our policies will not be permitted to book the event space - ever.
  • If you had a previous booking prior to November 1st, 2023 for an event that takes place after November 1st, 2023 we will honor our previous commitment and you will not be charged for that specific booking whether that event was donations-based or free.  If the event was charged a booking fee prior to November 1st, 2023 you will not be charged any additional booking fees. Any other booking made on or after November 1st, 2023 will be subject to the new policy and will be charged a $25 booking fee prior to the room being booked for you.
  • As of November 1st, 2023 Room #1 is no longer a bookable space. As of February 15th, 2024, Room #2 is no longer a bookable space. The only bookable space is the event space. Rooms #1 and #2 will be of use to the Pickeyweedz team ONLY.  If you have events for Room #1 or #2 that were previously booked prior to this policy change we will honor those previous commitments and you will be permitted to utilize Room #1/#2 as previously agreed.
  • It is your responsibility to notify your clients of store closures and/or your cancellations, changes, etc., and to reschedule.  The Pickeyweedz team IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CLIENTS OR FOR THEIR NOTIFICATIONS.
  • If you are conducting an event donations-based or otherwise the booking party is SOLEY responsible for ensuring you have your own payment methods in place and that they are functional.  If you accept cash you are responsible for having sufficient change on hand for your clients.  If you utilize electronic payments it is the booking party's responsibility to ensure you are familiar with its operation.  The Pickeyweedz team WILL NOT provide change services for your events.  The Pickeyweedz team WILL NOT provide technical assistance for your electronic payment services.
  • If you need to cancel your booking after having paid the booking fee for your own personal reasons you FORFEIT YOUR BOOKING FEE. Booking Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you abuse the process by conducting repeated bookings / canceling more than three times in a quarter, you will no longer be able to book the event space at Pickeyweedz.  Exceptions will be granted for valid weather disruptions or issues related to store operations beyond your control at the sole discretion of the Pickeyweedz team.

o   If the Pickeyweedz team receives grave concerns or complaints about the activity taking place during your event, you will no longer be able to book the event space at Pickeyweedz.

  • Bookings for the event space are made available as a courtesy to both the community and the practitioner.  Booking patrons must bear in mind that despite not being an employee of Pickeyweedz your deeds and actions may reflect upon us and therefore must be positive, truthful & honest in nature.

o   All bookings must be done in the Spirit of Pickeyweedz core values which include:

  • Honesty
  • Expert knowledge of the work to be conducted
  • Excellent Customer Service / Satisfaction
  • Academic / Cultural Accuracy

Any person and/or group booking the event space found to be outright defrauding the public will be permanently banned from booking anything at Pickeyweedz.

Though divination is considered ‘For Entertainment Purposes Only’ by law, it remains a consistent practice of numerous faiths & paths and is considered part of our religious practice.  We expect all patrons booking the event space for any purpose to be doing so in keeping with best practices and in good faith to provide the best possible experience for their clients.  

  • In other words, always be truthful and honest.
  • The Pickeyweedz team reserves the right to personally vet/approve or deny any / all activities taking place at our store.
  • If you have an event in the room that requires an 'assistant' it is your responsibility to provide one.  If you have liability documents you would like signed - it is your responsibility to obtain the requested signatures.  Neither of these will be conducted for you by the Pickeyweedz team.
  • If the Pickeyweedz team receives complaints about your no-shows for the client’s booked time more than three times in a quarter, you will no longer be able to book the event space at Pickeyweedz


The following activities constitute acceptable practice in the event space:

(For Entertainment Purposes Only)

o   Tarot Reading

o   Oracle Reading

o   Scrying

o   Runes / Bones / Coins or other similar divination techniques

o   Past Life Regression Work

o   Consultations / Therapy (Licensed Practitioners Only) / Wire Wrapping Services, Massage Therapists (Licensed & Insured)

o  Crafting / Art classes

o  Card Games (e.g. Sinday School - Cards against Humanity)

Divination practitioners must demonstrate for the Pickeyweedz team as a means of vetting prior to final booking.

Services regulated by the State of Pennsylvania or the United States i.e. licensed therapists must first present their valid / documented / accreditation via diploma, certification or other recognizable granting authority. Proof of valid insurance coverage is also required - both prior to final booking.

Energy Healing / Reiki practitioners etc. are no longer allowed to book our event space.  This decision is based upon countless examples of bad behavior from past practitioners.  We may allow certain trusted practitioners on a case-by-case basis that we know well and have been fully vetted.  


The following activities constitute UNACCEPTABLE practice in the event space:

  • Anything that might be considered lewd behavior i.e., pornography, sexual activity.
  • Any practice that is blatantly inaccurate culturally and/or academically. 
  • Any activity that causes a disturbance, altercation, or a nuisance to the Pickeyweedz team or others in and/or around the store.
  • Any violent activity or activity that might have the tendency to instill violence.
  • Any activity that could be construed as physical/mental harassment, sexual harassment, intimidation, or bullying.
  • No consumption or distribution of illicit substances including but not limited to alcohol or any drug.
  • Any unlawful activity whatsoever.
    • You will be banned from the store & you will be reported to the Clarks Summit / South Abington Police Department/s immediately.


Bring what you need to conduct your sessions for the day and take them home with you upon completion.

o   Neither Pickeyweedz nor our landlord will be held responsible for any damage, theft, or other loss to your personal property.

o   If your equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen Pickeyweedz assumes no liability or responsibility.

o   If you leave your equipment or property in disregard of these rules you will no longer be able to book rooms at Pickeyweedz.

  •  The booking party is fully as well as financially liable for any and all damage to the event space caused by negligence, carelessness, or abuse.    


  •       Client Injury

o   Neither Pickeyweedz nor our Landlord assumes any liability or responsibility for any injury to you or to your client during an event space session.


  •       Client Issues

o   Neither Pickeyweedz nor our Landlord assumes any liability or responsibility for any result from your booked session and is to be held harmless for any result of work conducted in the event space regardless of the activity.


A signature on the signature sheet maintained at the counter and/or your use of the booked room shall constitute a binding agreement and a complete understanding & agreement to comply with this policy. A signature is required prior to any booked event.





SIGNED (Patron / Event Space Booker): __________________________________ Date: __  / __ / ___ 

Phone Number: ____________________


MANAGEMENT SIGNATURE: _____________________________________ Date: __ / __ / ___