Consignment Agreement (Read & Initial Documentation In-Store)

Pickeyweedz is a strong proponent of our local crafting community. As such we are happy to offer space within our store to showcase some of the amazing talent in this area.  Acceptance of consignment products is wholly dependent on the owner's discretion as our available space is extremely limited.  We also reserve the right on the placement location of consignment items in our store. 

Please read the below terms and if you agree click on the Consignment Agreement link below.  Clicking on the link / completion of the agreement form does NOT guarantee you will be accepted as a consigner. 

Final acceptance always resides with the approval of the owners. Each crafter should contact the owners via EMAIL with photos of their crafted products and price range (your price that you need to get from the product sale - bear in mind final price will be with the additional 25% that goes to the store).

Products must be of a professional quality typical of a boutique store.  Products must be safe for consumer use with no inherent risk.  We are picky... pun intended with what products are in our store.  Please do not be discouraged if we turn down your crafted goods - it's not that they are bad they just might not be the exact fit for our store. 

Payouts for consignment product sales is typically done at end-of-day via PayPal.  Your email must be associated with your PayPal account and the account needs to be active & ready to receive funds.  We will not keep track of your sales and hold your money for you individually until you make it up to the store.  We simply do not have time to do this, hence the requirement for PayPal. The owners may grant exceptions to this rule at their sole discretion but these instances are exceedingly rare.  Make it easy on everyone and just get a PayPal account.

*All Consigners are charged 25% on top of their asking price to sell with Pickeyweedz.

* All Consigners earning over $600 per tax year MUST complete an IRS W9 form each year.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.  Non-Compliance will result in revocation of your consignment sales priviledges at Pickeyweedz and you must retrieve all of your consignment goods immediatly.

*Consignments not selling within 60 days must be picked up within 30 days or they will be destroyed or donated, you will receive notice 30 days prior via email, so please include your email address on the form.

*All consigners must set up a PayPal account in order to consign with Pickeyweedz.

*All consignment items must fit within the metaphysical theme & the Pickeyweedz brand scheme in order to be considered.

*Placement in the store is contingent upon our having the space to accommodate the items in a presentable manner, we want your work to be immediately visible to our customers.

* We will not accept any item that has a copyrighted image not belonging to the crafter, if you are making licensed items you will need to present a copy of your license which we will keep on file.

* We will not accept any dangerous or illegal items for consignment (i.e. protected species skulls/bones/claws/feathers or illegal substances per PA law.)

* We will not offer product discounts or refunds on any of your goods unless you specifically request this be made available.  This includes employee and other discounts that we offer on our products.  Consignment goods are the property of the crafter and as such you retain liability. You also retain the right to determine any discount or refund. If you want to provide a discount to anyone you will need to advise us prior to the sale. If a customer requests a refund we will direct them to you.

* You are placing your items / property in our store at your own risk.  Pickeyweedz assumes no liability in product loss regardless if that loss is a result of theft, breakage or environmental damage to include fire, flood etc.  We will make every effort to safeguard your property within our store but your crafted goods / property belongs to you and not us. 

Pickeyweedz Consignment Form