Activity & Gathering Policy



Pickeyweedz is continuously striving to unite our community as well as to offer continuing education, practical classroom instruction, presentations, book signings as well as general meet & greet events.  

We have reserved floorspace in our store that is bookable for events & activities that complement both our business, as well as those offering our community the opportunity to learn from each other.  All activities must bring value to the Pagan / Heathen and/or the LGBTQ+ community.  In-between activities we also offer space including tables and chairs to the gaming community for RPG/CCG activities. 

All events must be reserved in advance with the Pickeyweedz team and are subject to scheduled availability at the store as well as final approval by the Pickeyweedz team prior to booking.  The Pickeyweedz team will (time permitting) assist each event in the manner of increasing attendance by posting the dates and times as well as the subject/presenter across our social media platforms. 

The booking party must provide the following at the time of booking or at least one week prior to the event:

  • Photo suitable for social media platform advertising
  • Brief biography/summary suitable for social media platform advertising
  • Brief summation of the event details suitable for social media platform advertising
  • The booking party is also heavily encouraged to share / self-promote their event on their own social media platforms.

Booking party by signing the agreement grants authorization/release to the Pickeyweedz team to publish the provided photo, biography, and event summation as well as any photos taken before or after the event/activity booked by the booking party to the Pickeyweedz social media platforms for purposes of promoting the booking party's event or activity.   The Pickeyweedz team is also granted rights to edit/alter the provided photo, bio & event summation into a tasteful & appealing graphical advertisement to be distributed throughout the Pickeyweedz social media platforms for the purpose of promoting the booking party's event.

Scheduling availability is on a first-come / first-served basis. The first approved presenter to reserve the space is the party that gets the space and time slot.  

Your deposit must be paid in full at the time of reservation based on availability. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.  If you cancel your class or activity, you forfeit the entirety of your deposit. The event space deposit is $25 payable by cash or card. 

Events are a limited attendance of 10 attendees at a time due to space constraints. Only one event may take place at a time in the event space.  The Pickeyweedz team has chairs, and tables available for use or you may bring your own so long as they do not damage any Pickeyweedz property including our building, products or fixtures and you remove them upon the conclusion of your event. 

In addition to the $25 booking fee, Pickeyweedz charges 25% of each ticket which is due upon your event completion.  i.e., if the presenter is charging $25 per person and the maximum attendance of 10 is present, you would owe Pickeyweedz $62.50, and the rest belongs to the presenter.  

  • If you are booking a room and not charging a fee i.e. free classes or free event for donations only with no set amount or expectation - we will waive the $25 booking fee PROVIDED THE DONATIONS ARE FOR A COMMUNITY SERVICE AND/OR FUNDRAISING VENTURE. Verification required upon request.

The Pickeyweedz team reserves final authority on the acceptability, scheduling or denial of any / all events.  


  • During times where no other activities are scheduled Pickeyweedz strives to give our local gaming community a place to meet / engage with other players of RPG / CCG games. 
  • Pickeyweedz has tables & chairs provided for use during these activities. 
  • Gaming tables must also be booked in advance based upon scheduling availability by placing a $25 deposit which is non-refundable. This is the only fee associated with the gaming activities – we do not charge each player only the booking of the table itself. If the organizer of the gaming activity is not charging for the event - we will waive the $25 booking fee.  Fees only come into play when there are set ticket prices for events.
  • The maximum number of gaming players across ALL tables is 10 attendees including the booking / responsible party.  There may be up to two independent tables of gameplay with a total of 10 players combined.  


Meet & Greets: 

  • From time-to-time Pickeyweedz will coordinate & host local Meet & Greet events for persons of like mind to interact and meet new people.  These events will be free of charge for all attendees with no associated fees.  Scheduling of these events will be determined / approved by the Pickeyweedz team. 


Ground Rules: 

Presenters must: 

  • Be a recognized authority on their subject matter via certification and/or demonstrable knowledge and accuracy on the subject matter to be presented. 
  • Maintain control & responsibility of their presentation group including noise level and the behavior of their attendees. 
  • Ensure they (the presenter) are in attendance prior to their scheduled start time as well as remaining in attendance post-event to ensure the space has been cleaned and presentable for the next event. (No Shows by presenters may result in no longer being permitted to book this space) 
  • Start / Stop times for all events/activities are available within the hours from 1 PM EST – 7 PM EST this is to ensure efficient opening and closing times for the store and is non-negotiable.  Organizers must ensure the efficient stop time of their event so as not to interfere with the procedures associated with store closure.  Any events that might be anticipated to run past the 7 PM EST deadline MUST have prior approval from the Pickeyweedz team.  This will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Pickeyweedz team and should be the EXCEPTION, not the norm. 


  • Understand that the booking party assumes sole liability for any damage to store property, loss, damage, or theft to their personal property as well as any injury incurred during the course of their presentation. Pickeyweedz as well as our landlords, agents, employees, successors & assigns, and any and all persons, firms, or corporations whether or not herein named are to be held harmless in all cases of liability/injury/property claims. None of whom admit any liability to damages, actions, causes of action, or suits of any kind of nature whatsoever, have or may hereafter have, arising out of or in any way relating in any and all injuries & damages of any and every kind, to both person & property and also any and all injuries & damages that may develop in the future, as a result of or in any way relating to the consenting acts. 



Events/Activities must: 

  • Be conducive to the education and betterment of our community.  

(Examples of acceptable classes/activities): (including but not limited to) 

  • Theory & Practice of Witchcraft 
  • Theory & Practice of Wicca 
  • Theory & Practice of Ceremonial Magick 
  • Theory & Practice of Folk Magick 
  • Reiki Training / Certification / Practice / Sessions
  • Past Life Regression Training 
  • Divination Training i.e., Tarot, Runes, Scrying etc. 
  • Meditative Practice 
  • Sound Healing  
  • Candle Carving / Magick (must clean up any mess!) 
  • Mediumship 
  • Herbalism 
  • Book Readings / Author Presentations
  • Metaphysically inspired Art
  • Paint & Sips (Participants and Organizer assume full liability for the consumption of alcohol and any activity that may transpire upon the consumption.  All Alcoholic beverages are BYOB (participant provided). The Pickeyweedz team does not provide any alcoholic beverage or substance and assumes no liability during or after any event. At no time may any organizer or participant become intoxicated or under the influence sufficient to impair. The organizer and participant/s assume full and sole liability and agree to hold harmless the Pickeyweedz team in all aspects.)
  • Tarot / Oracle / Rune readings. A note on tarot and other forms of divination
    • Tarot & divination practices are performed "For Entertainment Purposes Only" and all participants should realize this as such.  Divination is part of our religious/spiritual tradition/s and is performed with authenticity to the best of the person's ability in the spirit of that religious/spiritual tradition.  Tarot & other divination practitioners are NOT employees or representatives of Pickeyweedz LLC and they assume sole liability for their actions/services. Pickeyweedz LLC is to be held harmless in all actions/services of event & room booking holders.

Prohibited Events / Activities: 

  • Anything sexual, pornographic, or potentially offensive to the Pickeyweedz team or our customers. 
  • Activities that disturb the rest of the store with noise or become a nuisance either due to their subject matter or from the presenter and/or attendees. 
  • Anything unlawful in the State of Pennsylvania.
  • Anything that promotes another metaphysical store or competitor of Pickeyweedz. 
    • A competitor is defined as selling the same or similar products as Pickeyweedz, offering services/classes the same or similar to Pickeyweedz, or any person or representative of an establishment seeking to use our space to promote themselves or services without the express permission of Pickeyweedz ownership.
  • Anything that promotes violence or becomes even potentially violent in our store. 
  • Political or other divisive topic presentations  
  • Any event that would be deemed by a reasonable person to be anti-LGBTQIA+ or bigoted toward any person or group especially those of a marginalized or protected group.  We are a designated SAFE SPACE for LGBTQIA+ and we have zero tolerance for bigotry/homophobia.
  • No DRAMA policy.  We have a zero-tolerance policy on drama.  This includes but is not limited to professional jealousy between presenters/practitioners. E.G. You attend another practitioner's event to take over the event, interrupt the event and/or use their event to self-promote yourself.
  • SAFETY VIOLATIONS - any person that does not use good common sense with the use of flammable materials E.G. Sage, Palo Santo, Incense, Candles, etc., and causes a potential safety issue for the store and its patrons.  E.G. Lighting said flammable materials and leaving them unattended or in an unsafe manner where heat or flame has the potential to cause damage or ignite WILL BE BANNED.
  • Sexual harassment is a serious topic that we take very seriously and have ZERO TOLERANCE for.  Any violations of this policy will be taken seriously and the offending party will be BANNED from the store. We encourage anyone who has experienced this to report this to the Pickeyweedz team immediately. If the offender is representative of an organization that organization will be immediately notified with the expectation it will be correctly and promptly addressed.  If that organization instead chooses to ignore this report (do nothing to correct it) that organization in its entirety will be BANNED from any / future event space or reading room availability forever.
    • Examples (but not limited to) of Sexual Harassment
      • Unwanted sexual advances or pressure
      • Recruiting for one's polyamorous relationship
      • Offensive sexually implicit conversation
      • Sexual commentary or noises
      • Unwanted commentary on a person's body appearance or clothing
      • Stalking virtual or personal
      • Displaying images of a sexual nature 
      • Any unwanted sexual behavior toward another person that makes them feel upset, scared, or humiliated

Violations of any of the above will result in being banned from any or all future activities at Pickeyweedz as well as being banned from all Pickeyweedz social media platforms.  Violators will no longer be welcome in our store including as a customer.  Banishment also applies to anyone that deems fit to create ANY disturbance in our store.  Violators will be asked to leave and if they do not comply, law enforcement will be notified to respond and we WILL file criminal trespass. 

Advisory on Noise 

  • All presenters & attendees must also recognize/understand you are holding a class, presentation, or gaming within the confines of an operational retail store and there will be ambient noise including our music which plays continuously, customer interactions, conversations, and laughter which are all normal in this environment.  If you are potentially disturbed by this – don't book this space.  

It is understood & agreed that this agreement is made and received in full & complete settlement and satisfaction of the causes of action, claims & demands mentioned herein; that this consent contains the entire agreement between the parties; and that the terms of this agreement are contractual and not merely a recital.  Furthermore, this consent shall be binding upon the undersigned, and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, successors & assigns.

This consent shall be governed by the laws of the State of Pennsylvania.