Colección: Wall Decor

As you adorn your walls with our mystical art and decor from the Pickeyweedz metaphysical store, let each piece be a reminder of the magic that surrounds you, the mysteries that lie within you, and the infinite possibilities that await you on your spiritual journey. Embrace the transformative power of art and allow these sacred pieces to support you in creating a space that nurtures your soul and uplifts your spirit.


Please note: Many of the items in this collection are annotated This item is only available in-store. These items are only available via the 'pick-up in-store' option.  If you add them to your cart for delivery it will result in a delivery error / unavailable message.

We do not ship large decor as a rule as the risk for breakage is high due to the fragile nature of many of them.  If you really want this item shipped to you, please contact us at and we may be able to work out a delivery option for you on an individual basis.  Thanks for understanding!