Colección: Event Tickets

Many events & activities at the Pickeyweedz metaphysical store are free or donations based and many are on a walk-in basis and may not require ticketing. 

However, due to space constraints in our event space, we can host around 10-12 people comfortably along with the presenter so we use ticketing to ensure the event is not oversold in terms of attendance levels. We want everyone attending the event to be comfortable and enjoy the event without being overcrowded.

Some events are ticket based and the presenter is charging for attendance so ticketing is required for these events.  Pickeyweedz does not set the ticket prices unless it is a Pickeyweedz team member conducting the event.  All ticket prices are set at the discretion & wishes of the presenter. The views, information, and all aspects of the event do not necessarily represent those of Pickeyweedz.  We make every effort to vet our presenters but their views, opinions and the information they present are their own.

Tickets may be purchased online via this website or at the Pickeyweedz sales counter in the store.  

Tickets must be presented at the counter via either paper or electronic receipt for entry for those events requiring them.

There are no refunds from Pickeyweedz for purchased tickets.  They may be given to a friend/family member if the initial purchaser cannot attend.  The presenter may or may not refund tickets on their own and at their discretion.  Due to the presenters spending their time & personal funds for their event creation (many events require the presenter to purchase supplies), they are paid in full by us for all tickets sold.