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Welcome to the Pickeyweedz Metaphysical Store, where ancient wisdom meets modern magic. Step into a realm where gods and goddesses of Norse, Egyptian, Irish, Greek (and more!) mythology come to life through our stunning collection of statuary.

Each piece in our curated selection is a tribute to the rich mythologies and spiritual traditions of cultures from around the world. From the mighty Odin and fierce Freyja of Norse legend to the enigmatic Isis and powerful Osiris of ancient Egypt, our statuary captures the essence and majesty of these revered deities.

We do not ship large statuary as a rule as the risk for breakage is high due to the fragile nature of many of them. Therefore they do not appear within our online store.

If you really want this statue shipped to you, please contact us at the store and we may be able to work out a delivery option for you on an individual basis.

Thanks for understanding! 




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