Colección: Specimens

Crafted by nature and polished to perfection, each crystal specimen in our collection at the Pickeyweedz metaphysical store is a unique masterpiece, reflecting the beauty and diversity of the mineral kingdom. From sparkling quartz and serene amethyst to vibrant citrine and protective black tourmaline, each gemstone offers its own blend of colors, patterns, and energetic vibrations to uplift your space and elevate your consciousness.

We have a large amount of additional inventory available in-store as we do not ship large or excessively fragile crystal or gemstone specimens due to past experiences with shipping services mishandling our products.  As a result, those large and/or fragile specimens do not appear here on our online store and are only available for in-person sales at our physical storefront.

Please note where photos of multiple stones are displayed - the sales price is for one stone / each.