Fascism Has Come Waving An American Flag & Carrying A Cross

Fascism Has Come Waving An American Flag & Carrying A Cross

It's Independence Day as I write this feeling our country has no reason to celebrate, and these two men are the reason.


 Do you recognize these two traitors? The first one is Leonard Leo, he's the money and power behind the 5 right-wing, fascist, Supreme Court Justices and the other is Kevin Roberts, he's behind Project 2025 and making threats that there will be bloodshed if their plan is opposed during the upcoming 2024 election. These are only two faces of an entire Cabal, look them up, memorize all their faces, know thy enemy. 





Notice that both these men look like they were likely the last ones picked for kickball in school? They are the kind of guys who couldn't get a girl to give them the time of day, so they sat home alone, head in their books, mommy dearest in their ear, stroking their tiny egos. All that angst and anger building year after year, so now they want you to suffer. They want you to not have sex for pleasure, they want to tell you who you can and cannot love and cohabitate with, read the mandate it's in the project 2025 playbook.


They want you to be forced to reproduce, make you into breeders to fill their factories. They intend to make sure you have no protections under the law for you and your children, so you drink poisoned water and breathe filthy air, all while the corporations that fill their coffers profit off your untimely demise. They are implementing this strategy by dismantling all regulatory agencies! The Supreme Court just passed a portion of the project 2025 mandate in a bill last week when they struck down a 40-year precedent called the Chevron Deference:


What is the Chevron Deference?

They implemented part of this strategy last year when they ruled on Roe v. Wade and now in the mandate, they want to take away all birth control forcing women to be breeders for the state. 

They want to end no-fault divorce so you can’t escape an abusive spouse and some states have already instituted it. All states recognize no-fault divorce. But as of 2023, only 17 states and the District of Columbia are "true" no-fault divorce states. In a Fault Divorce state, you must prove you have a good, legal reason to end the relationship. According to the mandate they will likely turn that over to the church to decide whether you have to stay in an abusive relationship or not…

No Fault/Fault Divorce Laws


They want to install a dictator on January 20th that will do all their bidding for a price. A king who will end our elections process, who will stay in power until they decide to replace him and for all their rhetoric about state’s rights, they want to take power from the states to regulate their own businesses and institutions. So, no state will have the power to shield us. Read the Project 2025 mandate.

Here is a link to the actual training document they're giving to all employees Project 2025 Mandate For Leadership (training manual)


It's a coup and we need to promise Kevin Roberts that it won't indeed be bloodless, they literally depend upon our acquiescence to put their plan into action. They need to fear us, let's give them good reason.


They make many assumptions about the actual will of the American people, how soon they forget the Revolutionary War, The Civil War, how soon they forget... they seem to have forgotten that our military swears to protect and uphold the constitution and fight terrorists foreign and domestic. It's time for a quick history lesson fellas, you're all traitors, all terrorists, completely un-American in your aims.


Don't tread on us boys, we ain't layin' down and we don't kneel! 


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