The Kuan Yin Chronicles

The Kuan Yin Chronicles

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Kuan Yin is the most important, best-loved deity in the Chinese world. She is the living expression of compassion and the center of devotion in most Chinese homes and workplaces. Yet she is barely known in the West. The authors of The Kuan Yin Chronicles introduce Kuan Yin to Western readers, and reveal that Kuan Yin is the mystery and power of the divine feminine, who transcends all doctrines, creeds, and traditions.

The book is divided into three sections:

    • The origins and evolution of Kuan Yin in early China, Buddhism, Taoism, and shamanism.

  • The myths and stories about Kuan Yin.

  • Fresh translations of 100 Kuan Yin poems, which function as both literature and tools for divination and prophecy.

  • The Kuan Yin Chronicles is for any Western reader who wants to connect with the ancient power of the Goddess in their lives.
    Martin Palmer is the director of the International Consultancy of Religion, Education and Culture. He is a renowned world expert on Chinese religion, philosophy and culture, as well as the author of many books and the translator of numerous Chinese texts. Palmer lives in England.
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    Jay Ramsay is a poet and therapist. Among his published works are The Heart’s Ragged Evangelist and Crucible of Love. He lives in England.
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