Theory & Practice

So where to start...  I suppose what does it mean to me to be Pagan or Witch or whatever title fits.  To be honest, I'm not always sure because those assignations mean something different to everyone.  There is truth in perception to some degree I suppose.

Do I recognize a pantheon of deities and holidays that pre-date Judaeo-Christian theology... why yes I do.  Do I believe the woods - I mean all the Earth but to me.. personally - the dark woods; is a sacred place? Yes I do.  The deeper, darker and more oogedy boogedy the better. Do I practice and believe some form of what we call Magick? Certainly.  Do I celebrate my ancestors? Check.  

So yeah... pretty much a Witch.  If there has to be a title.. So be it.

I was raised in a strictly orthodox Christian household.  The TV would be turned if the horrible world 'hell' was uttered on a show.  There was no dancing, that was evil.  Reading material consisted of the Bible and Billy Graham books.  Now this was primarily at my Au