Crystals, Geodes, Fossils & Gemstones

A great number of the crystals, geodes and gemstones we offer here at Pickeyweedz are of at least "A" quality and as such their price reflects it.  We have sourced throughout the US to find the best quality with the best price for our customers but if you are looking at prices and wondering why we are slightly more than those you can find discounted on Facebook Marketplace, Ebay & Instragram - our products will never be fake and will be the best quality specimen we were able to find for the price.

In addition to crystals, we have also found a great supplier of fossils which are featured on the site and in our storefront.  Working with a hundreds year old crystal is great - some may be more or less in age but a fossil can range into the  hundreds of millions of years in age i.e. comes from a primordial age.  Just depends on what you are working for and what is best suited to the individual's taste.

For those with sticker shock at the current gem quality and don't mind a lower quality piece with a reduced price let us know what you want and we will happily source it for you.  As with all works of Nature, each piece is unique but there are lower quality versions in abundant supply for those that can't afford the highest quality.  Let us know!